Sunday, November 13, 2011

"1906, Dreyfus rehabilitated" Online Exhibit

The Dreyfus Affair (which I've mentioned on this blog before) was an important catalyst for world Jewry, inspiring Theodor Herzl to organize early Zionists into a World Zionist Congress. There is a wonderful Alfred Dreyfus exhibit available here: It features a wealth of information, multimedia presentations, documents of the Dreyfus family, life in France in the 1890s, and news surrounding Dreyfus and his trials.

To explore the role of political cartoons in the public conversations surrounding the Affair, check out:
1906, Dreyfus rehabilitated : Caricatures - page 1

Dreyfus' trials revealed deep social injustice toward Jews, but they also revealed that not all non-Jews are anti-Semites. The most notable among the friends Jews found in this dark time is Emile Zola, who wrote a famous letter to the President of the Republic of France titled "J'Accuse!" (I accuse!), published in a major newspaper. You can find a wiki document featuring the original article and its translation here: